Tru By Hilton

New Hotel Brand and Prototype Design
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Bringing Spirit To MidScale


Hilton called upon FRCH to help the brand re-enter the midscale hotel segment with a revolutionary new concept that needed to offer business and leisure travelers a simplified and spirited experience while ultimately being grounded in value. This fills a massive void in the current midscale category. The idea was that having a great hotel stay and being cost conscious shouldn't have to be mutually exclusive. The brand needed to appeal to a broad range of travelers who span generations, but think alike; they are united by a common mindset - a youthful energy, a zest for life, and a desire for human connection. No brand was meeting their needs, in their price point, today.


In response, FRCH designed Tru By Hilton, a brand that truly demonstrates the concept of thoughtful innovation. Every aspect of the design from furniture to fabric to lighting, was evaluated on whether it was vital to the space and if it would resonate with a broad range of travelers. The team even looked outside the hospitality industry for inspiration - utilizing noise-cancelling furniture typically found in corporate office design in the brand's lobby to give guests a sense of privacy, while still encouraging an open-plan layout and an engaging environment. Hilton already has over 450 franchise agreements in various stages of approval.